• Recovery Church of Northern Indiana

    People are lonely and looking for others who will not judge or condemn them because of their life controlling problem. They want help and need hope in order to bring healing. The Recovery Church is a place for life to begin anew!


  • RECOVERY CHURCH Connects People

    A Gathering for Individuals, families, and friends impacted by Substance Abuse and "life controlling" problems!


    For people that are serious about recovery.

    Training for people who desire to help those with Life Controlling Problems

    This training is help twice per year, contact Connection Points Inc/Leadership Training for dates

    Facilitator Training

    Learn how to help people with "life controlling" problems.


    Contact: Living Free Recovery 260.218.8299


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  • What We Do


    Giving God Adoration

    RECOVERY CHURCH is really a meeting

    scheduled for once per month and is a source of refreshing and referral for people with "life controlling" problems Each monthly we come together to sing Praise and adoration to our God for His blessing of Salvation, Deliverance, Healing , and HOPE!

    If you would like to participate in the Praise Team, please contact Pastor Daniel Schreck for details on how to become part of the Praise Team.


    Testimonies and sharing of God's Word

    RECOVERY CHURCH brings scripture and life into reality. During the worship service: some give their testimonies of how God touched and transformed their lives, and their is always a Word from scripture that is related to eveyone that attends.


    Throughout the meeting and afterwards

    RECOVERY CHURCH is a place where many find it easier to talk with others that are going through a time where their life was controlling by a substance, another person, or their emotions.


    A place where Hope becomes reality.

    RECOVERY CHURCH is a place where outreach is encouraged and sometimes planned. It is were Christ touches a person and demonstrates that He or She is WORTHY of the GIFT of life that God offers to all who seek Him!


    Please help us to help those in need. Your donation will provide curriculum and counseling to people with "life controlling" problems such as Substance Abuse, Addiction, Relationship problems, and Anger i.e.

  • Helpful Recovery Materials

    Call to Order your copy of "Recovery Through Respect"


    Recovery Through R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    $29.95 plus shipping

    A curriculum dealing with recovery from addiction

    Recovery Journal

    $17.95 plus shipping

    This journal is designed to assist in developing structure and discipline in a persons life. There are forms to complete on Gratitude, 12 Steps, and other helps as well as a daily checklist and journal page.


    $25.00 per session after Intake and assessment.

    The fee for the Intake session is $50.00 and involves up to six (6) assessment instruments .Afterwards a treatment plan is developed from the information that the client presents.

  • Staff

    Our staff are all certified Living Free Facilitators

    Dr Daniel Schreck

    Executive Director

    Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor

    Author of the

    "Recovery Through Respect"



    Selepri Amachree


    Traveling interventionist

    Leader of the Band

    Phone: 833.2177455

    Living Free Recovery Staff

    Non-residential Program

    Offering Hope, Help, & Healing


    Devin Schreck, Tim Dittmer,

    Dave Glant, Darrell Broussard,

    Jim Roush, Deb Mason,

    Jacqualine Scott, Kirtis Christensen


    Living Free Recovery

    Non-residential Program

    Offering Hope, Help, & Healing

    for those with "life controlling" problems.

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  • Contact

    Fort Wayne, IN

    If you have any related questions, please send us a message.

    2112 Inwood Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46815
    Monthly on the 3rd Friday
    6:30 pm